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Business growth

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Business growth

The increasing digitisation of industry plays a vital role in business growth. But it also brings risk. Cybercrime targets victims from private individuals to large corporates, through various forms of phishing and illicit installations of malware. The results are lost income, reputational damage, financial loss and ransomed data. While the majority of criminals have quite basic technical capabilities, attacks are increasingly enabled by sophisticated tools available in the online criminal marketplace. With some criminal groups even industrialising their activities, cybercrime is evolving and growing fast. 'Ransomware' attacks have grown, leveraging threats to publish data online, or block its use. Targeted fraud is a rising cost for individuals and businesses.

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Global Banking & Marketing

It's an increasingly interconnected world. Ideas and capital are flowing from around the world resulting in growth and creation of new trade routes between fast emerging and developed economies.

  • - Investment Planning
  • - Business Growth analysis
  • - Analysis and results for business
  • - Monitor performance


Our comprehensive range of product and solutions could be combined and customised to meet your business' specific growth ambitions and financial objectives. These include:

  • Capital Financing
  • Global Trade and Receivables Finance
  • Global Liquidity and Cash Management
  • Markets
  • Securities Services
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