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Business loan

Business loan

This section looks at some of the business loan requirements you will need to fulfil, as well as the factors that we assess when you make an application. Alternatively, you can find out instantly if you are likely to get the money your business is seeking using our Eligibility Checker. To gain a full understanding of your business, plus how your skills and experience will help achieve your plans. To establish your investment in the business compared to what our investment might be. To know how your planned borrowing fits in with your plans and discuss your finance options. To determine if the amount you're applying for is appropriate and help structure your borrowing in the most suitable way.

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  • Repayment

    To understand how you intend to repay the borrowing and be confident of your ability to do so (eg from trading profit, cashflow or asset disposal)

  • Term & Policy

    To discuss the time period over which the borrowing is required, helping us assess your finance options and your ability to repay.

  • Security/assets

    To seek some form of appropriate security, such as guarantees, property or other assets that are straightforward to value and realise

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Other business interests

To know what other commitments you or your management team has, so we can assess how much attention and focus the business will have.

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Cash flow forecast and business plans

To demonstrate your ability to think logically about your business strategy and business model and, see evidence of past financial performance (not applicable to start-ups).

  1. Interest rates are set on the basis of our assessment of your financial status.
  2. Effective Annual Rate – This takes account of the interest rate and how often interest is paid and does not include any fee or charges.
  3. Once a loan is taken, the rate is fixed for the duration of the loan.
  4. Annual Interest Rate.
  5. The Representative EAR is the rate at or below which we reasonably expect would apply to unsecured credit provided to at least 51% of customers who enter into the a credit agreement as a result of the advertising or marketing.

Current and potential investors can find information about GFBank, including financial results, dividend information, stock exchange announcements and investor presentations, on our corporate website.

We believe that protection is a fundamental need for every business. That's why we work with preferred partners to provide a range of business insurance policies and workplace pensions so you can protect what matters most. We also offer receivables finance solutions and import and export services to help protect your business so you can trade with confidence.

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