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Retairement Planning

GFBank Future Saver for Children

There’s no more practical way to give a child a little help later in life than with our Future Saver for Children. You can open an account with just £1 and take out money out whenever you need.

This account helps you save for a child's future. You can open an account with just £1. You can pay in a lump sum, or set up a standing order to save a set amount each month. It's an instant access account so you can take money out whenever you need to.

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Benefits of Future Saver for children.

Set some money aside to lend a hand later. It may seems difficult but the reward is awesome. Put your children future in a brighter lane by taking the bull by the horn.

  • - Lifetime Account for a child.
  • - Minimum deposit of $1.
  • - Unlimited Withdrawal.
  • - Lifetime Loan for a child.
  • - Scolarship for a child.

  • Save for someone special.

    Whether you’re a parent, relative or friend, you can save for a child that’s special to you.

  • Open an account for $1.

    Put in a lump sum or save a little at a time, starting from just $1.

  • Save a bit every month.

    You can choose to save by standing order, transferring the amount you want into the account each month or by making a lump sum payment. There’s no maximum balance.

  • Access the money instantly.

    This is an instant access account, so you can take out money whenever you need to, no notice required.

  • Manage your money anytime.

    Once opened, you can manage your account via telephone and online banking, the GFBank Mobile Banking App or in any of our branches

  • Pay for Success

    Set some money aside to lend a hand later.

Universal Legacy Plan

Pass on a portion of your wealth to your next generation without having to go through estate distribution process

  1. Interest rates are set on the basis of our assessment of your financial status.
  2. Effective Annual Rate – This takes account of the interest rate and how often interest is paid and does not include any fee or charges.
  3. Once a loan is taken, the rate is fixed for the duration of the loan.
  4. Annual Interest Rate.
  5. The Representative EAR is the rate at or below which we reasonably expect would apply to unsecured credit provided to at least 51% of customers who enter into the a credit agreement as a result of the advertising or marketing.

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